OPAL NKRUMAH with cap wig

Opal Mixis™ Limited Edition Sunshine Collector Play Doll has been delicately designed with varying skin tones, couture quality Japanese hair filament, realistically painted eyes and facial characteristics that reflect two or more ethnicities. Each doll features a naturally proportioned body and articulated body parts. These Limited Edition dolls, molded from a top weight quality vinyl include a certificate of authenticity.

Opal is wearing a fun and flirty summer dress that will make any girl feel sassy. Inspired by the bold colours of the sea and sky, the world is her oyster! This flouncy dress and espadrille combo will certainly get the party started and liven up any closet!

About Opal

Hi my name is Opal Nkrumah and my mix is British and Ghanaian. I was born in England, were I lived with my parents and an older sister. My parents met in Nigeria were they were both working for the Doctors without Borders organization. As a child my family traveled a lot, mainly on humanitarian efforts – I ended up spending most of my life in an all girls’ boarding school. For High School I asked my parents if I could attend a school in the US. I now live with my aunt who is a fabulous fashion designer in New York City!

• Made of vinyl
• Limited edition with numbered certificate
• Measures approximately 12” standing


• Doll
• Certificate of authenticity
• Additional accessories